It’s Been A Bit

Hey everyone!!!

It’s been quite a while since I last posted here, 18thWall, or much of anywhere to be honest.

To be honest, it’s partially because not a lot has happened in the realm of my writing. I’ve spent the last two years going to dozens of doctor’s appointments as I learn to manage a new chronic illness. Because of that, more often than not, writing was shoved to the back burner.

I talk a bit more about it in my comeback article over at 18thWall. But here’s a summary.

Last March, I was diagnosed with a Chronic Intractable Migraine. The biggest difference between a regular chronic migraine and what I have is that mine doesn’t stop. I haven’t had a pain-free day in almost two years. Now, I don’t tell you all this because I want sympathy or pity. I’m sure there are some of you who are reading this who have been in pain for far longer than I.

There have been times in the last two years, the last year especially, where I’ve mourned the loss of the me from two years ago. The one who had pain-free days and everything just seemed easier. There’s been a lot of figuring things out and it’s only been in the last few months I’ve started to try and piece my writing life back together.

It’s been a rough road, but I think it’s getting better.

I wanted to update my own blog too. Say hello after a far too long absence and just check-in. Projects that I’ve been working on are slowly but surely getting picked up again. I’ve got two new ones that I haven’t announced yet hopefully coming to places where I can soon.

So hi! I’m back. And I’m sorry for the wait. I can’t wait to bring more writing to you.

Talk soon,


By mhnorris4

Award-winning mystery author, co-host of the Raconteur Roundtable, lover of mystery and science fiction.

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